New Year’s Resolution #5: Get Organized!

It has been two weeks since many of us (research indicates over 50 percent of us) set our 2015 New Year’s goals. If yours were like most, they probably included:

  1. Spend more time with family and friends, and help others.
  2. Improve health (either start or stop doing something).
  3. Enjoy life more…take time to smell the roses.
  4. Learn something or try something new.
  5. Get organized.

University of Scranton research suggests that only eight percent of us achieve our New Year’s goals. What can we do to improve our success rate? Keep it simple, realistic, and measureable! We may not be able to help you with numbers 1-4, but we can share a simple tool to help with number 5: organization. (Although, if you end up trying this tool, then we can also help with number 4!) Continue reading