Outreach Support Options

At Chi, we tailor our outreach support to meet your needs. Through colaborative discussions, we can help you determine which outreach support option is best for your organization.

Outreach Consulting:

We provide consulting support in the following areas for outreach:

  • Conduct an outreach strategic options analysis by identifying options that make sense for your business, your market and your organizational priorities. Examples of options are: growth, partnering options or sale of the business.
  • Perform a 3-part outreach assessment which includes a market analysis, current capability analysis and a 5-year financial plan.
  • Help you start a program or jump-start a program that has slowed or is in decline. Each of these activities starts with a gap analysis of the outreach infrastructure. Then we work with you to put together an implementation plan and offer optional implementation support to put everything in place prior to launch.
  • Perform a profitability analysis of your program, compare it to industry norms and identify ways you can improve financial performance.
  • Other customized advisory support is available to meet your specific needs

Outreach Management:

We are the undisputed industry experts and, as such, have experience, resources and tools that the average laboratory does not have. Because of this, we get better results – usually 2 times that of the average outreach program. Sustained growth is dependent on a competitive service offering to maintain the customer base combined with new sales growth.

The outreach management model includes the placement of:

  • Outreach Director to oversee all components of the laboratory outreach infrastructure.
  • Laboratory Information Technology Specialist to assume responsibility for data connectivity, integration, and communication of systems that will be utilized to support the laboratory outreach business.
  • Finance Manager to maximize profitability
  • Sales Director to hire, train, and manage the sales and service representatives to ensure performance to target.
  • Sales / Services Representatives to achieve laboratory outreach sales objectives by maintaining base business and creating new business.
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