Outreach Strategic Options

Expert outreach strategic guidance.

Chi Solutions is the undisputed leader in evaluating and providing comprehensive laboratory outreach strategies, helping organizations like yours answer questions such as:

  • Should you grow or sell your laboratory outreach business?
  • Should you partner with another laboratory?

Chi can help you explore the possibilities and determine the best option for your program, including:

Outreach Growth
  • Consolidation of outreach programs
  • Increase in sales and marketing
  • Test menu and operations improvements
  • Chi-managed outreach program
  • Competitive pricing
Sale of the Outreach Program
  • Selling the entire outreach business
  • Selling client business only
  • Selling the entire laboratory business
  • Identification of the best offer
  • Partnering with a regional laboratory
  • Partnering with a national laboratory

For over 30 years, Chi has defined the common characteristics of successful laboratory outreach models. We analyze each option from a balanced scorecard perspective to determine the financial, service, efficiency and workforce impacts. Our approach offers the customization needed to implement these industry best practices in your laboratory.

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