Outreach Profitability Assessment

Determine the overall profitability of your outreach program.

Chi’s exclusive laboratory outreach profitability analysis was created utilizing our decades of experience helping hospitals achieve optimum profitability. Whether your program is just beginning or well-established, it is critical to determine the profitability of your outreach business via an accurate, in-depth assessment.

Unique Features

  • Thorough analysis of your current state of business.
  • Financial value of your current outreach program.
  • Overall cost of operating the outreach program.*
  • Determination of the incremental costs for performing additional outreach testing.*
  • Profitability by market segment.
  • Profitability by client.
  • Contribution margin for the outreach program.
  • Average costs and profitability compared to industry norms.
  • Determination of the effectiveness of current billing and collection of revenue.
  • Recommendations for improvement, if appropriate.

We will recommend a strategy to help your organization make sound decisions regarding moving forward with a profitable outreach program. This may include, but is not limited to, identifying business that is not profitable and making recommendations to improve profitability, creating a proactive marketing strategy to improve margin within the current base of business, and developing investment ideas to grow your business.

*Can be linked to Chi’s Benchmarking Service.

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