Relative Value Unit System™

Understanding the complexities of the laboratory. Creating efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Two of the most important factors influencing laboratory expenses and performance are volume and test complexity. While the impact of volume is widely understood, the influence of test complexity is often not recognized. Through rigorous statistical analysis and research, Chi has developed a test complexity measuring process: a CPT-coded, procedure-specific Relative Value Unit System™ (RVU™) and the Chi Test Complexity Index™ (TCI™).

Useful Applications:
  • Establishment and Validation of System or Transfer Fee Schedules
  • Costing of Managed Care Contracts
  • Outreach Profitability
  • Development of Outreach Fee Schedules
  • Workload Measurement and Performance Comparison

Analysis of the Chi RVU System™ shows a stronger correlation with key performance indicators including unit costs and productivity measures than other systems. Our statistically proven system ensures a valid laboratory analysis that addresses the complexity of your laboratory.

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