Lab Design and Space Planning

Creating an efficient, cost-effective laboratory through the application of Lean Six Sigma Tools.

At Chi, we understand the technical, operational, managerial, and customer service aspects of modern laboratories. We apply our practical experience along with Lean Six Sigma tools for the design or renovation of laboratory facilities to achieve operational efficiency and world-class service standards.

Unique Features

  • We provide experienced and highly effective teams of laboratory consultants and experts in Lean Six Sigma process improvement.
    • Average of 20 years of experience in the laboratory field.
    • Held senior management positions in hospital or commercial laboratories.
  • We use a structured, well-tested process based on Lean principles to perform a thorough:
    • Review of your entire laboratory operation.
    • Analysis of your current and future state processes.
    • Review of your current and future automation and equipment requirements.
  • We have expertise in the design of all types of facilities including hospital, outreach, academic, and research laboratories ranging from small scale (less than 2,500 square feet) to large scale designs (more than 100,000 square feet).

Our approach to Lean facility design was developed in response to our clients’ need to balance facility space and cost while achieving optimal operational efficiency and high service standards.

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