Clinical Laboratory Benchmarking

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Chi IQ®  is a web-based benchmarking solution designed for hospital and independent laboratories leveraging decades of laboratory and technology best practices. Chi IQ®provides accessible, accurate, and actionable intelligence to improve cost and productivity.

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Unique Features

    • Utilization of proprietary Relative Value Unit (RVU) System™
    • Test complexity indexing by CPT code for valid peer comparison
    • Consistent data validation, test counting, and expense and FTE allocation
    • Peer group selection based upon an array of operating characteristics specific to hospital benchmarking
    • Rank performance of clinical laboratories including multi-hospital systems
    • Electronic data submission and access to reports
    • Executive summary for hospital management review
    • Responsive customer service by Chi data analysts
    • Value Add: Comprehensive analysis of first-time report with Chi’s Analytical Team

Chi SectionalsTM

Chi Sectionals™ is a granular analysis of cost and productivity  by hospital laboratory section or department.  The customized output of this solution provides clinical laboratory and hospital executives with an overall estimate of cost savings and identification of specific opportunities by section/department and by category such as labor, supplies, reference testing and more!

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