Point of Inflection

Have you ever trained for a marathon? Most people I know cannot simply wake up and run 26.2 miles without any preparation or training. In most cases, the date of the race is set for some point in the future. When I ran the Marine Corps Marathon, the race date was sixteen weeks out when I started training. Knowing that, I had an opportunity to prepare myself to have a successful race, maybe even achieve a personal record! I used that race date as my “point of inflection.”

Mike Kachure Marine Marathon runner at Vietnam Memorial Amherst OH_Photo by Tom Mahl
Mike Kachure, Marine Marathon runner at Vietnam Memorial Amherst, Ohio – Photo by Tom Mahl

An inflection point is a time in the future being driven by certain factors at which, if one prepares well, extraordinary results can be achieved. The question was, “What action was I going to take to achieve my desired race outcomes?” I could train hard, eat right, and have a disciplined regimen, or I could slack off, get lazy, and miss training days—basically remain status quo. How I spent the next sixteen weeks leading up to this point of inflection would be critical to the outcome.

Hospitals face a similar dilemma, a similar inflection point. Healthcare reform and accountable care are forcing hospitals to rethink strategies for the future delivery of laboratory services. With decreasing reimbursement and continued integration, what is the right lab outreach strategy? Growth opportunities still exist in lab outreach provided the right strategy is in place. What can a hospital or health system do now to prepare to accomplish its desired outcomes? What if you did nothing? Can your organization risk a decline? If your hospital wants to achieve a personal record, now is the time to act, because that inflection point is coming and coming fast. Whether you decide to do it on your own or with the help of external expertise, status quo is not an option to be successful.

Michael Kachure
Vice President, Business Development
Chi Solutions, Inc.

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