April 2016

Modeling the Worst Case for PAMA Market Pricing: Understanding the Financial Impact on Hospital Lab Outreach, Developing Effective Strategies, and Engaging the Hospital C-Suite

There is keen interest in how the centers for Medicare and Medicaid services (CMS) plans to implement the lab test market price reporting section of the Protecting Access to Medicare Act (PAMA).Many labs, in preparation for the implementation of a final market price reporting rule, have gathered detailed information about how each payer reimburses for specific lab tests. In this podcast session, you’ll learn about the likely path of implementation CMS will use. You’ll also see the impact of potential PAMA fee cuts modeled for a typical laboratory text mix. Attendees will then learn about strategies that laboratories can use to protect their lab outreach revenues. Some of these strategies involve engaging the C-suite of the parent hospital.

Recording courtesy of Executive War College Conference on Laboratory & Pathology Management

Dr. Kathleen Murphy, Senior Growth Advisor, Chi Solutions, Inc., an Accumen Company
Jeffrey H. Myers, CFO, Vice President, Financial Services, Chi Solutions, Inc., an Accumen Company