Anne Daley Presented with 2014 CLSI Award

March 2014

Anne Daley, MS, CMQOE(ASQ), CSSBB, CLC(AMT), MT(ASCP), DLM, Senior Consultant for Chi Solutions was presented with the Excellence in Global Leadership in Standards Development Award from the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) on March 25, 2014.

This award is presented to the volunteer who is extraordinarily committed to CLSI’s mission to reach out to and involve the global health care community in the development of projects and best practices.  Such an individual is well recognized internationally as a CLSI advocate.

Ms. Daley was nominated by Carl Mottram, Mayo Clinic, and expressed the following about Anne’s accomplishments.

Ms. Daley began her work with CLSI through active involvement in the Global Health Partnerships Program. Through this work, she quickly became a zealous advocate for harmonization in standards development to ensure practicality and usefulness of CLSI documents in sub-Saharan Africa. Ms. Daley had lead and supported many initiatives where she provided tactful reminders that not every laboratory using CLSI documents is highly advanced, nor is English their first language. Since 2007, she has continuously assisted in CLSI harmonization efforts, often providing a calm voice of reason.

Since her introduction to CLSI, Ms. Daley has served in many capacities from working group member to document development committee chairholder. Ms. Daley has been involved with the development of CLSI consensus standards and guidelines for many years. She efficiently and tactfully engages stakeholders during the document development process to ensure global applicability and usefulness, and harmonization of terms and methods across CLSI documents.

Ms. Daley is highly committed to CLSI’s harmonization goals and exhibits this commitment through her participation in the development of harmonized, globally relevant standards and guidelines, and promotes these products as an industry expert and a mentor.

Recently, Ms. Daley travelled to Vietnam with CLSI’s Global Health Partnerships Team to deliver a Quality Management Systems training program.  Ms. Daley was able to deliver information to her audience that was globally applicable and therefore readily implementable.  Her passion, planning, preparation, and use of CLSI tools and techniques, resulted in the delivery of highly successful and eagerly received workshop.

ANNE T. DALEY, MS, CMQOE(ASQ), CSSBB, CLC(AMT), MT(ASCP), DLM, Senior Consultant, has over 30 years of operations management experience in laboratory, pharmacy, and imaging/radiology in hospital, clinic, and commercial outreach settings. Her expertise includes quality management, process improvement, cost and project management, mergers/acquisitions, and leadership development.
Ms. Daley is a certified Manager of Quality and Organizational Excellence and a Six Sigma Black Belt.  She has a Master’s degree in Administrative Leadership and a Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Technology.  Ms. Daley has also been an instructor for the University of Phoenix.
A frequent speaker at seminars and national meetings, Ms. Daley has autored several publications in industry journals.  She volunteers on various projects and committees with CLSI, including her previous position as Vice-Chairholder of the Subcommittee on Quality Management Systems and working group Chairholder of the nonconforming event management guideline.