Free Webinar: Laboratory Consolidation & Integration: Where is the Industry? Where are You?

January 14, 2015, 2:00 p.m. EST
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Laboratory consolidation and integration continues to grow as a trend, offering meaningful financial benefit to the hospital and independent laboratory segment.   This strategy provides significant clinical, operational, and business advantages that can help improve market position and strengthen relationships with hospitals, payers, ACOs, and referral sources.  As a complex, outcome-driven process, successful consolidation and integration is dependent on several key elements.  This webinar will be a primer to keep you informed and proactive.

Consider attending this FREE seminar if:

  • Your hospital or health system is considering or implementing a laboratory consolidation/integration project.
  • Your lab is already part of a consolidated operation and you want to validate the strategy.
  • Your lab is not a part of a consolidated operation and you’re wondering if you’re missing something.

You will learn more about:

  • Benefits of consolidation and integration.
  • Models in use today in the industry.
  • Critical elements of consolidation and integration.


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Earl Buck
Senior Consultant and Advisor
Mike Kachure
Vice President, Business Development