2011 LabCompete: Laboratory Sales and Marketing Conference

December 12th, 2011

Chandler, AZ

Jim Root presented “Laboratory Sales Compensation:  2011 Survey Results and Analysis” at the 2011  LaboratoryCompete: Laboratory Sales and Marketing Conference.

Are your sales compensation plans competitive? Are they designed to drive revenue? A healthy and productive sales organization depends on sales compensation plans that are competitive in the market, aligned with your company’s growth goals, and in the end effective at motivating the sales force.

In this exclusive, data-driven session, Jim shared the latest thinking on sales compensation plans and targeted earnings, informed by the results of the latest laboratory sales compensation research. With compensation metrics segmented by large, medium, and small organizations, across geographies and market segments, this session identified the latest trends, including the mix of base and variable pay.

Learned Objectives:

  • Examined survey results from sales representatives from large, medium, and small organizations
  • Studied variations in compensation by region and market segments
  • Reviewed latest trends in the mix of base and variable pay

For more information please go to the LaboratoryCompete website.