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Analyst’s Report Highlights the High Cost of Hospital Laboratory Testing
Kathy Murphy is quoted in the article “Analyst’s Report Highlights the High Cost of Hospital Lab Testing”

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Seven Deadly Sins of Laboratory Management Are Much Too Common
Anne Daley is quoted throughout the article “Seven Deadly Sins of Lab Management Are Much Too Common”

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The Send-Out Testing Boom – How Can Laboratories Take Control?
Anne Daley is quoted throughout the article “The Send-Out Testing Boom”

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Lean Targeting Efficiency in Radiology
Anne Daley is quoted throughout the article “Lean Targeting Efficiency In Radiology.”

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Focusing on the Journey, Not the Destination
Anne Daley is quoted throughout the article “Focusing on the Journey, Not the Destination.”

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Time for Outreach Laboratory Redesign? Time for Lean Redesign
Wayne Mercer, PhD is quoted throughout the article “Time for Outreach Lab Redesign? Time for Lean Redesign.”

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Chi Solutions Regains Independence as a Clinical Laboratory Consulting Firm
Chi Solutions is featured in the April 2nd issue of the Dark Daily.

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Carilion Spectrum Merger to Shake Up Lab Industry’s Duopolistic Stronghold in Mid-Atlantic and Southern Regions
Kathy Murphy, PhD is quoted in this article featured in the March 2010 issue of Laboratory Industry Report.

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Execs to Buy Chi Solutions
Chi Solutions was featured in the March 2010 issue of Laboratory Economics.

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How Do Your Quality Initiatives Measure Up?
Anne Daley, Senior Consultant co-authored this article discussing the basic components critical to successful quality initiatives.

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Most Outreach Laboratories Lack Financial Sophistication
Chi Solutions’ Kathy Murphy is quoted throughout this article featured in the the August 2009 edition of Laboratory Economics.

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As IT goes, so goes outreach
Kathleen Murphy, PhD, President of Chi Solutions, is quoted throughout the CAP Today article “As IT Goes, So Does Outreach.”

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Washington Hospital Center’s Laboratory Using Lean to Cut DSO from 78 to 40 Days
Chi shares how Washington Hospital Center has used Lean practices to further cut its DSO nearly in half.

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Future Business Model for Outreach
Kathy Murphy, PhD shares her perspective on a new blended (lab and imaging) diagnostic model for outreach.

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Hospital Referral Expense per Reportable Result Expected to Drop 11% by Year End
Citing data collected through Chi’s Benchmarking Service, Earl Buck, Vice President, Chi Solutions, discusses the various reasons for hospital referral expenses per reportable result to drop in the upcoming months.

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With Lean’s help, 14 inspections soon to be one
This article highlights the results of the Lean Processes put in place at Integrated Regional Laboratories in Fort Lauderdale, Florida by Hans Froehling, DBA, CMBB, who is now a Senior Consultant for Chi Solutions.

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Chi’s survey results
A companion piece summarizing Chi’s 2007 Outreach Survey results.

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Using IT to anchor outreach in the black
“People need to make an investment in a good connectivity system that will allow physician offices to order tests, provide results to them, and download results into the physician practice EMR,” Dr. Kathy Murphy says. These are features, she adds, that are increasingly becoming mandatory for outreach programs.

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Fast times at the front end — speeding up ED tests
Earl Buck, vice president of operations management for Chi Solutions, Ann Arbor, Mich., says, ‘Anything a hospital does to improve turnaround of all services in the ED will ultimately affect its customer satisfaction and its volume of hospital admissions.’

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Managed Care Contract Shakeups for Laboratory Testing
Excerpts from Chi Solutions’ National Laboratory Outreach Survey are featured in this article that looks at the recent shakeups in managed care contracts.

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John Muir set to break g round for Concord laboratory
Kathy Murphy, PhD, comments on John Muir’s aggressive new lab facility, set to handle all of the health system’s testing needs.

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Can You Trust Your Lab Results?
Mixed-up samples, misread slides, contaminated specimens—lots can go wrong. Her’s how to protect yourself.

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Building a Laboratory Outreach Business
Historically, hospital laboratories have focused on technology and quality as it applies to test performance, according to Earl C. Buck, Vice President of Operations Management for Chi Solutions.

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Lean Laboratories Reduce Blunders
Chi Solutions’ Earl Buck discusses processes and systems that help ensure lean labs, reducing the probability of errors.

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Simplifying send-outs—what experts advise
This article discusses open communication, systems creation, and setting expectations between hospitals and reference labs.

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How to Utilize Benchmarking in the Clinical Laboratory
Article written by Jan W. Steiner, MD FRCP(C); Kathleen Murphy, PhD; Earl Buck, MT(ASCP); and Daniel Rajkovich, MP MT(ASCP) discusses the use of benchmarking in the clinical laboratory.

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Interest is up in outreach laboratories
Kathy Murphy, PhD, discusses the recent explosion of interest in outreach labs, and how outreach labs are becoming “a mainstream strategy.”

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