Ensuring You Have Everything You Need in Your Tackle Box

Have you ever gone fishing thinking you had the right value proposition to catch fish and reach your limit? In order to ensure success, you have to make sure you have everything you need in your tackle box before you get to the lake. Other variablesoften come into play:ifthe lake is flat, the weather is ideal, you have enough comrades, enough poles in the water, the right equipment in terms of bait, spreaders, chum-you name it, the list goes on. You find that perfect spot and drop anchor only to discover that after multiple excruciating hours your cooler is empty, your fish finder is silent, and your fish counter is stuck at zero.

fishing_blogHaving a false start when it comes to fishing is very frustrating. A way to avoid this situation is to make sure you have all the essentials. Sometimes that means having access to an experienced fisherman who can provide guidance and ensure you have everything you need to catch the “big fish.”

The same logic applies to hospital-based outreach programs. Some outreach programs experience a similar feeling. They feel they have the right test menu, good customer service, the ability to provide good turnaround time, etc. Just like someone catching fish on the lake, hospital-based outreach programs need to ensure they have the right tools as part of their tackle box to catch new clients. This means having some-or all-ofthe following:

Robust Test Menu Dedicated Sales and Marketing
IT Solution Customer Service
Billing Solution Logistical Support
Competitive Pricing Executive Support
Financial Reporting Managed Care Contracts

Missing one key component can cause a false start with any program. Reaching out and partnering with a knowledgeable expert to help avoid this is well worth it. Like an experienced fisherman, a seasoned partner can offer the expertise and tools to ensure you land your record fish or account. Having someone in your boat thatcan help you double your catch and hit your limit is worth considering. At Chi, we act as a “charter boat captain” when it comes to outreach,bringing the intangibles to the table to prevent false starts and help clients catch bigger fish and reach their revenue targets. Find out more about our outreach support and management services today!

Michael Kachure
Vice President, Business Development
Chi Solutions Inc.

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