ROI Case Study: Regional Health System

  • Benchmarking client since 1998.
  • Multi-facility core with five full service and one rapid response hospital laboratories.
  • Utilizes Chi RVU System.

graph 1

  • Achievements:
    • Total expense/performed RR is 89.6th percentile, exceeding the 75th percentile for the past nine years.
    • Met or exceeded the 75th percentile in laboratoryor expense performance for the past eight years.
    • Salary expense/performed RR has risen 13.5%, at its highest, while industry experienced 2.5% annual increases, 25% since 1998.
  • Has met or exceeded the 75th percentile in technical productivity for the last eight years.
  • Technical productivity has increased by 21.8% since 1998.
  • Improved laboratory total productivity by 88.7% over the last ten years.
  • Experienced a projected savings of $6.6 million over the last ten years.
  • Expected return – Most laboratories experience a 13-15% reduction in expenses (10% laboratoryor, 5% supply) with target setting.

graph 2