We believe that knowledge is the driving force to impact change in healthcare and specifically in the clinical laboratory.

Chi was founded on the premise that through regionalization and outreach, hospital-based laboratories CAN compete with national laboratories, gain market share, and contribute to the overall profitability of the hospital.

By leveraging the hospital infrastructure for outreach services,  laboratories have become a powerful new revenue and profitability driver. We use our knowledge of the industry as the driving force behind helping change mindsets, and the results have been extraordinary.

Chi utilizes more than 30 years of industry knowledge as the driving force to impact change and the results have been extraordinary.

  • It is our ability to apply past case studies and best practices to familiar situations in the clinical laboratory.
  • It is our research, in which we take the lead to help identify and define trends in the industry.
  • It is our surveys, in which we take a powerful snapshot of industry trends and use this data to drive outcomes with a more targeted approach.
  • It is our hiring philosophy, in which we recruit the best of the best in order to continuously strengthen our team and become more effective for our clients.