FAQ Videos

Client Success Story

Before working with Chi, a small, rural hospital laboratory generated $700,000 in revenue. After working with Chi, this facility is a regional powerhouse serving 5 states and generating a $27M of revenue. Listen in as CEO Kathy Murphy shares the success of a 15 year Chi customer.

Why Rely On Outside Resources

Think differently. Instead of worrying about cost, look at the outcome and ROI. If you can achieve double the revenue after costs by employing an outside source, why wouldn’t you?

Client Key Challenges

“What are the key challenges that your clients face?” Executives are often asked this question as the healthcare climate has placed increased emphasis on reducing costs and generating new revenue streams. Listen as CEO Kathy Murphy providers some pointers to manage the challenges.

Beware Of The Chi Clones

Chi Solutions, Inc. is the largest healthcare consultancy firm with more than 30 years of industry experience and knowledge. We offer a full-complement of services from operations to outreach, to finance, billing and beyond. Learn more as you make decisions to choose a firm that offers a full complement of services versus a sole proprietor in a niche market.

Should We Be In The Outreach Business

Hospital laboratories have several advantages including serving a local market, enjoying a lower cost of acquisition and logistics, utilization of hospital facilities, equipment and capacity while generating margins in the 30% range in light of decreasing reimbursements in the industry. If your hospital executives are asking if your hospital laboratory can compete with “big box” laboratories, this video is for you.

Long Term Partnership, Long Term Value

Just how long is “long term?” If you are looking to achieve meaningful financial outcomes through consolidation, redesign, lean or outreach, understand that easy changes come in the beginning. Applying the “80/20 rule,” it is easy to see that 80% of the greatest financial impact occurs early with a few key changes but it takes longer to reach more impact year over year.

What You Don't Know WILL Hurt You

Thousands of tests and lots of new technology exist in the second largest department of the hospital. Executives often outsource lab management during challenging times while some are proactive and simply recognize that they are not lab experts. Underestimating lab complexity will hurt you so take a moment to learn more.

What If My Lab Is Already Good

When does it make sense to engage a consulting firm? What if my lab is already performing well? There is always opportunity in a laboratory. Chi brings a broader perspective –to help you identify the “known” and the “unknown” opportunities in your laboratory. Most people prefer a problem they cannot solve to a solution they do not like. Chi has the solutions to lower your costs and increase revenue.

Bending The Cost and Revenue Curves in Your Favor

If you could bend your cost and revenue curves, how would that impact your organization and mission? Would you like revenue to go along with your cost reductions? Chi Solutions, Inc is the leading expert in lab management. We are a trusted partner using proven business models for consulting, management and joint venture. We bring results. From an executive view, 20% of ideas drive 80% of results and Chi guarantees results.

Penny Wise and Pound Foolish

Chi Solutions, Inc. offers the broadest range of laboratory services in the industry through a team of dedicated staff. The greatest impact is at the intersection of outreach, operations and finance. Lab is Chi’s specialty and we have proprietary tools to perfect performance management. If you can do it yourself, why haven’t you?

Three Outsourcing Criteria Time, Risk and Money

Would you like to Increase speed to market, have a greater chance of success and reduce risk, while generating ROI? With solid project management and a complex plan built by Chi, this is possible.

The Lab From Hell

Have you seen the lab that looks like it is out of a 1940’s movie? Imagine the scenario where doctors and nurses are up in arms over poor turnaround, budget and where the whole workforce is scheduled to retire over the next five years. This really can exist in today’s healthcare environment but Chi can bring proven solutions to allow laboratories to function in today’s marketplace and be a profitable entity.

Your Lab Is No Place for DIY

Is it worth it? Have you tried to serve as a general contractor to “save” money? It is not easy. Despite the best planning, you don’t know what you don’t know. How likely is it that a DIY can deliver a complex laboratory project on time and within budget? If you hire the right experts, develop the right plan, and make the right decisions, you can guarantee successful outcomes.