Company History

Accumen Inc. is a performance partner for hospitals and health systems that is rich with the country’s best laboratory talent. We’ve created the nation’s leading lab transformation, consulting and outreach performance company. As one of the largest companies in the industry, Accumen is focused on improving the speed, accuracy and efficiency of laboratories challenged by America’s new healthcare climate.

In 2016, Accumen acquired Chi Solutions, Inc., an Ann Arbor, Michigan based consulting firm that was formed in 1983. Chi Solutions had served more than 400 clients and developed a benchmarking database of nearly 1,000 labs over three decades. This acquisition allowed Accumen to expand consulting and outreach capabilities for all clients.

Originally aLabs, now known as Accumen Inc., initially began operations in 2011 and by October of the same year, Accumen signed the first anchor client. Four months later, in February of 2012, Accumen signed a second anchor client. This paved the road for growth that continues today.