Ensuring You Have Everything You Need in Your Tackle Box

Have you ever gone fishing thinking you had the right value proposition to catch fish and reach your limit? In order to ensure success, you have to make sure you have everything you need in your tackle box before you get to the lake. Other variablesoften come into play:ifthe lake is flat, the weather is ideal, you have enough comrades, enough poles in the water, the right equipment in terms of bait, spreaders, chum-you name it, the list goes on. You find that perfect spot and drop anchor only to discover that after multiple excruciating hours your cooler is empty, your fish finder is silent, and your fish counter is stuck at zero. Continue reading

Regulatory Inspection, Ready or Not?

In the U.S., the federal government regulates laboratories under the CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act) statutes. These regulations call for biannual, unannounced, onsite inspections of laboratories performing moderately or highly complex testing. Governmental agencies or private agencies approved by the government perform these inspections.

Working with many laboratories across the country, Chi consultants see facilities that maintain a culture of inspection readiness at all times. However, we also receive calls from laboratories that struggle with the process. We have divided the characteristics of these two types of laboratories into the “Ready” and “Or Not” groups. Continue reading