Observations of Large Laboratory Outreach Programs – Part 1

Early this year, Chi Solutions, Inc. was asked to present at the G2 Intelligence Lab Revolution conference on how hospital-based laboratory outreach programs were confronting the new demands of healthcare. Chi took a comprehensive approach to address the issue by enlisting a number of vendors and consultants to provide programs that they knew were “large and successful.” There were 26 programs suggested and interviewed by Chi’s senior consultants. Of these, 20 were determined to meet the criteria of large and successful. The 20 were from locations scattered throughout the U.S. with seven of nine American Hospital Association regions being represented. Information was gleaned from one-hour interviews with the key leader of each program. Continue reading

Benchmarking Can Be A Clinical Laboratory’s Best Friend

You know it’s coming: the next in a looooong series of requests to cut the budget in your clinical laboratory. You are plumb out of ideas for cost reductions, or the ones you have left are things you don’t really want to do. What now?

Here’s a crazy idea: how about benchmarking your laboratory PROACTIVELY? Wouldn’t it be a relief to know your opportunities for improvement before you get the ultimatum to reduce your costs? How cool would it be to have a plan for improving performance on the shelf for the day of reckoning? No stress, no problem—you’ve got it covered. You don’t have to tell anyone; it’s your secret weapon! Continue reading