Clinical Laboratory Consulting


Our experience over three decades has proven that there is room for performance improvement in every organization, even those clinical laboratory operations that are running with great efficiency. Whether your issues involve anatomic pathology services, staffing, technology, quality, or financial performance, Chi’s experienced clinical laboratory consultants will help you become a more strategic laboratory operation by identifying the right laboratory growth strategies. We stand by our recommendations and are ready to help you implement customized solutions to improve your laboratory operations.

We offer a full suite of solutions for clinical laboratories:

Lab Strategy

Setting strategic direction and priorities to achieve goals is key for organizational and laboratory growth strategies and stability. Utilizing a third party that specializes in laboratory strategic partnerships allows for creation of an efficient, cost-effective laboratory including the application of lab design and space planning with the application of Lean Six Sigma Tools.

Lab Operations

Using a customized approach to identify and implement operational best practices, we incorporate proven laboratory business models based on three decades of experience. All balanced scorecard attributes—financial, service, efficiency, and work force allow us to fully assess an option’s impact on laboratory operations and its ability to deliver your required outcome.

Lab Benchmarking

Benchmarking your lab’s performance against peers allows for identification of opportunities for performance improvement and management of your overall performance. Key cost and productivity metrics provide practical management guidance value and allow your laboratory to gain executive support for strategic initiatives, budgeting and cost efficiency.